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Smart ski.

Design of a module that allows an augmented skiing experience, with visualization of the skier's performance. I contributed to this project as a designer during my apprenticeship at Lumiplan company.

How to propose an augmented skiing experience with performance visualization?


Lumiplan's objective is to offer real-time information-based solutions. One of its areas of activity is the mountain industry, where the company designs, for example, signs to display wait times for ski lifts. Rossignol, a company that designs connected skis, collaborated with Lumiplan to create a module within the Ski+ application that allows skiers to visualize their performance metrics such as speed, turns, and more.

Source : La Tribune, Innovation : pour Rossignol, le CEA et Lumiplan, le ski de demain sera connecté, et voici comment, Dec 2021


To address the need, I worked with the product managers who had user feedback. The idea was to build something that was easy to trigger and that could be visual when the user goes to the application at the end of their run, for that, I created customer journey maps. It was also necessary for the module to fit within an already existing application, so there was a certain level of uniformity. Several design steps were necessary, from wireframes to final mockups.


For the final deliverable, I proposed an experience in the form of a map, where the skier can see their route. Their score varies according to their performance, with a different color associated with each score category, and the route changes color accordingly. Graphs are used to provide information on different aspects of the skier's performance, and the user can see their improvement compared to their previous runs.

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