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Rodar is a mobile application aimed at facilitating the mobility of people with physical disabilities. The idea is to offer routes that avoid obstacles that users cannot use, such as stairs. This is a personal project I completed as part of my studies.

How to facilitate the movements of people with reduced mobility in public spaces?


Through conversations with people with reduced mobility, such as wheelchair users, I identified that it is challenging for them to navigate in new places. In fact, they often don't know all the obstacles that are present in a particular location, and all the obstacles are not clearly identified.

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To analyze the needs and issues encountered by users, I conducted interviews. It permits me to identify the necessary functionalities, such as creating itineraries, but also accessing places such as restaurants or stores. Based on the findings, I started creating wireframes that I presented to the users. I also added the feature of reporting obstacles to other users.


The final application is divided into several sections, and the primary function allows the user to enter their itinerary. If the user is traveling, we can offer them customized walks that include their interests, among other things. After presenting the initial mockups, I was contacted by the municipality of a city that expressed interest in the project and highlighted the need for an application like this.

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